John R. Hughes

John_AdoptionHelp_Fall 2015

John never considered becoming an adoption attorney. However, in 1991 some friends asked for his help to adopt twin baby girls in another state. His first reaction was, “No, thank you. This is not my practice area and this is no way to start a new one with twins in an interstate adoption.” But they insisted they wouldn’t trust anyone else, so he jumped in and learned about adoptions.

Since then, his practice has grown – mostly through referrals from the birth mothers and adoptive couples he has helped over the years. He also receives referrals from doctors and non profits.

John is the first and only South Dakota resident attorney to be accepted as a member of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys, an elite group of 300+ attorneys who work on adoptions.

He was accepted into the Academy because of his extensive experience in handling South Dakota and interstate adoption situations, in addition to the favorable recommendations he received from judges, adoption professionals, and other attorneys.

A competent, caring staff works closely with John Hughes in his adoption practice.