Interstate Adoptions

Adopting a child in a different state?

If you’re adopting a child from a different state, you’ll have to get approval from the Interstate Compact for Placement of Children before you can bring the child home. The Adoption Help Firm can assist you with this process.

You must receive approval from ICPC before crossing state lines

Whenever a child is born in a state different from where you live, it is necessary to receive approval from the Interstate Compact for Placement of Children, more commonly referred to as ICPC.

ICPC must give approval before you can cross state lines with the child to bring him / her home. This approval process can take anywhere from two days to two weeks. You do not have to do anything but wait.

The state where the baby was born is referred to as the sending state and the state where you live is referred to as the receiving state.

The purpose of ICPC is to ensure that each child that is placed across state lines receives appropriate care, to ensure that both sending and receiving authorities are able to make informed decisions on suitable placements, and to establish appropriate jurisdictional responsibility.

The originating state retains jurisdiction over the child until jurisdiction ends when the child is adopted.

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