Creating a Family Profile

A family profile can help birth mothers decide which family to choose.

At some point, you will be asked to put together a family profile / “Dear Birth Mother” letter. These items are given to a birth mother so that she may choose an adoptive family. The Adoption Help Firm can help you create a family profile that fits your family and life.

Let birth mothers see what type of family you have

Think of the family profile as a photo album of your family and go from there. Be as creative as you’d like with the layout and captioning of the pictures, but make sure the profile reflects who you are.

Some pictures you could include are those of your family, pets, house, vacations, extended family, etc. Choose meaningful pictures that will give the birth mother a good glimpse into your life.

Once it is prepared, scan it or make color photocopies so that you can keep the original and easily distribute the copies as needed.

The birth mother will NOT receive a copy of your home study. Therefore your profile is the only information she will have to base her decision on.

If you would like help trying to find a birth mother, please contact our office at 605-339-3939.