What are my options?

Facing an unplanned pregnancy?

If you found out you are pregnant, you have various options. Figure out which option is best for you. We can help you through every step of the process.

Decide whether adoption is the best choice for you

If you are faced with an unplanned pregnancy, you have several choices. You can carry the baby to full term and keep the child, you can place the baby for adoption, or you can terminate your pregnancy.

Each option has different consequences. You are forced to make a decision for you and your baby. You must separate your own feelings from those of your family, friends and society. You must examine your options and make a decision.

It is best if you meet with a licensed counselor to help work through all the issues and make the decisions that are right for you and your baby. There is no cost to you, even if you decide not to proceed with the adoption.

If you decide that adoption is the path that is best for you, we can provide quality families for you to choose from.

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