Finding a Family

Choose the type of parents you want to raise your baby.

Feeling at ease with the adoptive couple you choose is important. Make sure you are happy with your decision for adoptive parents. Work with The Adoption Help Firm to find the perfect couple.

There are various ways to find an adoptive couple. One way is to contact an adoption attorney that represents adoptive couples.

Our law office in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, has many quality families for you to choose from. We represent adoptive couples who live in several states.

No matter how you find an adoptive couple, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable with the people you are working with. Some simple things you should keep in mind are contained within the acronym, that our office has formulated, entitled C.R.I.B.


  • Credibility – the people you are working with should have Credibility
  • Respect – you should be treated with Respect
  • Integrity – you should be treated with Integrity
  • Boundaries – Boundaries should be developed and kept


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