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A birth mother’s experience

Learn about one birth mother’s experience of adoption with The Adoption Help Firm.

One Woman’s Choice

At this point in my life I have found everything has consequences. Through these experiences, I feel that I have learned to value school and the work that I do, more than I ever did before.

I faced one of the hardest teenage struggles in my high school years. I became pregnant. I was terrified this mistake would ruin my life and my chance at college.

Throughout my life, my number one value and goal was to be accepted to the college of my choice and to be successful in an enjoyable job. I was tremendously frightened that having a child would alter my goals; although, knowing I am a smart, bright person exceeded my worries. To this day, I know everything happens for a reason.

My family decided it would be best if I went and lived with relatives. I continued school there until the day of my delivery. Even with the challenges I faced and leaving the school that I had known since kindergarten, I achieved excellent grades and to this point, still do.

I decided I was too young and immature to care for a child at my age, so I gave the baby up for adoption. I felt by doing this I would get the chance to go to college and fulfill my life long goals. I also knew in my heart that my baby would live an outstanding life, with a caring family that would be able to give more than I could. To say the least, I know I did the best I could to deal with my situation.

I have dealt with numerous struggles and difficulties and although it has not been easy, I have kept my grades at a level that I can say I am very proud of. I feel that I was not faced with a burden, but with a wonderful blessing that has challenged my stamina and forced me to look inside myself and grow.

I know in my life there will be many things that will challenge me, and knowing I conquered this makes me feel I will be able to take on any tough situation.

Adoption Help Birth Mother

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